The Hannover Principles: Design for Sustainability

I can't imagine something being beautiful at this point in history if it's destroying the planet or causing children to get sick. How can anything be beautiful if it's not ecologically intelligent at this point? William McDonough Tweet We usually think of ourselves separate to nature. We think the natural world is a separate world out there, a world we…

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What Is A Sustainable House?

Many articles describe a sustainable home in terms of what it should and should not do, like use less water, be more energy-efficient, don't be harmful to the environment, reuse, recycle or don't use at all. Sounds like a lot of sacrifice and austerity. Sounds like going backwards! Doesn't sound like fun and anything desirable, unless you are an environmental…

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Passive House Retrofit: EnerPHit

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Your Remodel - Pathway to a superior Sustainable HomeSo the external structure of your home needs repair or more serious updates? Maybe you even decided to retrofit one or multiple elements to make your home more energy-efficient?You wonder how your home improvement project can maximize your home's performance to benefit the health and comfort for you, your loved ones and…

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What is the Passive House Standard

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What if you would never have to turn on your heater or air-conditioner and be cozy comfortable in your home? What if you would not even have an AC or a heater? Sounds crazy?We are so used to compensate poor design and building practices with mechanical heating and cooling that we equate comfort in our homes with the capacity of heaters…

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